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Neil DeVries
Neil DeVries

Outlook Windows & Doors is a provider of high quality windows and doors with attention to detail and industry standards for every installation. From standard windows to extravagant door and window combinations, Outlook Windows and Doors is able to help the customer make the best decisions while creating exciting and style appropriate choices.

With years of experience in the trade, and with design know-how, Outlook Windows and Doors Inc. is your best choice for ensuring your windows and doors aren’t a decision left to regret in the future.

We are proud to be a dealer for Euro+Glasshaus windows and doors, featuring high quality and unique designs. We are also proud to partner with other manufacturers of exterior doors that combine quality materials and workmanship chosen by us to suit your specific situation.

Neil has been installing windows and doors for a prestigious company in Oakville, Ontario since 2009. The work was mostly in high-end homes using quality materials and best practices for installation and finish work. After much consideration, he felt he would be best challenged to start his own company and work closer to home, and have more control over the type of product and installation sold.

Construction worker framing roof

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If your customer is looking for you to take care of the project from start to finish, there may be some areas that you’re just not an expert on. You bring in people that you trust to cover those areas, be that kitchens and bathrooms, HVAC, plumbing, etc., but one overlooked area is the windows and doors. Doors are an important part of any build, not only because they should look beautiful, but because they should perform for many years. Windows are often overlooked as only functional, but are really/truly/genuinely, etc. a huge factor in the aesthetics of the building. Have Outlook Windows & Doors consult and supply your next project, and see the difference it can make.